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Ellen Lawson, Manager of Mulberry Bush Day Nursery, Wymondham

"I know Rebecca as her Manager within the setting. She has worked at Mulberry Bush Day Nursery in Wymondham since 4th January 2010 in the capacity Supervisor.
Rebecca is dedicated to the care and development of the children at the nursery and can be relied upon to maintain high standards. She is a strong believer in the need for teamwork and works hard to develop this ethos throughout the staff.
Rebecca is extremely highly thought of by the families we serve. She communicates well with them, building close but professional relationships.

It will be difficult to replace Rebecca at Mulberry Bush Day Nursery in Wymondham, however I know that she will support families in her local community by offering high quality care in the home environment."
Laura M- parent
Ellie A- Parent

5 stars
We sent our 9 month old little girl to Becca when I returned to work from maternity leave.
Hesitant about leaving our little girl for the first time Becca very quickly put us at ease with her calming attitude and her safe home environment.
I never realised how much someone could care so much for another child who wasn't their own like Becca did. She was an outstanding childminder for our daughter who always kept us up to date, informed and most importantly involved with her progress.

Becca, Tom, Bethany and Max were not only known as Sophia's childminder but they became part of our family as our daughter would talk about them all weekend and her days off with me.

Whilst Sophia attended Becca I fell pregnant and she was VERY accommodating, helpful and willing to assist wherever and whenever she could which was of great help to us. On occasions Becca even offered to have Sophia out of hours and or overnight if we were stuck which put our mind at great ease.

The one and only reason our children do not currently attend Little Treasures is because Becca went on maternity and therefore we found another local childminder.

My last point would be that if you want a FANTASTIC childminder who will be amazing with your child/children then Becca is the one you need to meet.

We can never thank you enough for how you've helped to bring up our little girl to be the polite and well mannered 'little princess' she is. You are 1 in 1,000,000.

by Shay ful on 1 April 2016
"Exceptional Childminder"
[i]5 stars

Becca, looked after our two children aged three and six for just under a year while we needed a childminder. We were instantly impressed with how organised everything is at Little Treasures. All the correct policy's and procedures are carefully written up, which made us feel very comfortable before entrusting our children to her care.
[i]As the weeks went by it became clear how brilliant Becca is. As you would expect like most great childminders the kids get taken to things like dance classes and play groups as well as trips to the local parks, but it is what Becca does when the kids are in Becca's home that have impressed us the most. For example with our three year old, Becca has taught her to take her coat on and off and do the same with her shoes. Our daughter has also become an expert at putting together jigsaw puzzles in such a short space of time. Becca's very patient style of teaching has worked wonders and we will always be grateful for the loving way that she looked after our Little Treasures.

[i]by SimonB on 24 February 2015